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FIRE BELLS FLOWER EARRINGS Beautiful Nature Jose Marín
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The Fire Bell Flow Earrings from Jose Marín's Beautiful Nature Collection, crafted with a blend of titanium, gold, silver, and tsavorites, exhibit a wild and whimsical charm, reminiscent of cheerful, astonishing and charming Tahitian women, surrounded by curious toucans.

Like tiny talismans, resembling the sensuous, expressive and evocative paintings of Paul Gauguin, they are nestled into the earlobe, defying convention and embracing the free spirit of nature.

Jose Marín's fascination with titanium and Timascus (Titanium Damascus) sets him apart from other goldsmiths. The former, a silver-grey metal as robust as steel yet as lightweight as aluminium, features in most of Marín's pieces.

His innovative use of titanium, Marin’s signature metal, owes its vibrancy to the process of electrolytic anodizing. By submerging the pieces in liquid and applying high voltage electricity, Jose achieves a rich palette of colors, including yellows, lilacs, blues, and greens, without using dyes or pigments.

750 gold, 925 silver, titanium and tsavorites

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