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A jeweller with an unquenchable thirst for color and innovation has made a name for himself with his vivid and exuberant designs.

Jose Marín, a Titanium Goldsmith from Valencia, Spain, infuses radiant vitality into each of his pieces, drawing inspiration from nature, the Mediterranean, and the rich tapestry of life experiences that have led him to embrace a unique confluence of metals in his creative work.

The Earrings That Echo Paradise

The Fire Bells Flower Earrings from Jose Marín's Beautiful Nature Collection, crafted with a blend of titanium, gold, silver, and tsavorites, exhibit a wild and whimsical charm, reminiscent of cheerful, astonishing and charming Tahitian women, surrounded by curious toucans.

I am inspired by nature. I collect twigs, dry leaves, seeds, and everything that attracts my attention because of its outer appearance and texture. Then, I leave them on tables until an idea strikes.

Jose Marín

Like tiny talismans, resembling the sensuous, expressive and evocative paintings of Paul Gauguin, they are nestled into the earlobe, defying convention and embracing the free spirit of nature.

Exploring the Metals: Titanium and Timascus

Jose Marín's fascination with titanium and Timascus (Titanium Damascus) sets him apart from other goldsmiths. The former, a silver-grey metal as robust as steel yet as lightweight as aluminium, features in most of Marín's pieces.

For me, working with titanium was the biggest challenge I could ever face. My work with titanium combines several different techniques. There was no literature about them, so I had to learn how to give it volume, to join, engrave, cut, combine with other metals, and finally, color it myself. I think I have developed something unique.

Jose Marín in an interview to Art Jewelry Forum

His innovative use of titanium, Marin’s signature metal, owes its vibrancy to the process of electrolytic anodizing. By submerging the pieces in liquid and applying high voltage electricity, Jose achieves a rich palette of colors, including yellows, lilacs, blues, and greens, without using dyes or pigments.

Timascus, on the other hand, is a novel material and testament to Marín's continuing exploration of techniques old and new.

This harmonious fusion only adds to the mesmerizing allure of his creations.

Legacy and Education

Born into a family of goldsmiths, Marín's fascination with jewelry-making was nurtured as a child, playing in his father's workshop amongst pieces created in traditional Valencian style by his father, his first mentor. Further guided by the expertise of Pascua Auñón, his first employer, and a formal education at the School of Art and Design in Valencia, Marín's skills and passion for jewelry design flourished.

Beyond his training, Marín's profound passion for his art and craft has been recognized over and over again. The string of awards that his work has received - from his first Youngest Designer Award in 1989 at the Valencia International Jewellery Awards, to his latest Exhibition and auction at Christie’s Paris in 2022 - stands as a testament to his enduring craftsmanship and creativity.

His work, represented by the Seconpetale Gallery, was also featured at the 2022 PAD Paris, Art and Design Fair.

Marvelous Craftsmanship

However, what truly sets Marín apart is not just his skill or creative use of metals and stones, but his vision of jewelry as an expression of the vibrant world around him.

I think it’s my Mediterranean character. I love color, and anodized titanium has a chromatic range that I can choose from for each piece. Gold and gems help me turn my jewelry into what I call “High Contemporary Jewelry.”

Jose Marín in an interview to Art Jewelry Forum

Marin’s pieces, whether anodized titanium set with diamonds and precious stones or intricate designs inspired by natural elements, are the embodiment of his love for the colors and sensuality of the Mediterranean.

In an age of mechanical detachment, Marín's romance with the hammer and anvil is the stuff of legend. Fellow goldsmiths marvel at his work, knowing well the fiery temperament of titanium. With a seasoned hammer and unbridled imagination, Jose Marin ventures where few dare.

Through intuitive wizardry, Marín sculpts titanium into voluminous forms, etches tales upon its skin, and waltzes with it through rainbows of color. All with his hands, his hammer, and his heart.

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