We live, love, breathe and admire jewelry in all its forms, styles and dimensions.

The JI is an online magazine, boutique, and educational media dedicated to high, exquisite and art jewelry, and a platform for talented visual artists.

We created The JI hoping to unearth amazing jewelry, as well as to learn about and meet its creators.

Jewelry speaks to us in the same language as any modern art, from paintings and sculptures, to visual installations, performances and choreography.

Admire and love jewelry together with us!


I am Maria Kerner (MK), the founder of The Jewelry Icon, and my journey has been anything but linear.

I started my career in the seemingly black-and-white world of finance, majoring in accounting and auditing. But even spreadsheets couldn’t suppress my flair for creativity and style. I pivoted into the high-end fashion business, where I curated collections – from buying to production – for the world’s most prominent luxury department stores.

Life had another pivot in store when I became a mother. That’s when I began focusing on writing, particularly about the artistry of fine and contemporary jewelry. For me, jewelry has always been a wearable form of art, and my ongoing challenge is to seek out the symbiosis of both.

Over the years, I’ve invested time into discovering, researching, meeting and interviewing new artists and building connections. It’s never been just about recognizing  great talent: it’s about nurturing and guiding it towards new directions in art and imagination. When the vibe is right with an artist, collaboration flows effortlessly, and that’s something I genuinely relish.

What fuels my passion? A love for creative intelligence. I believe that with the right challenges and understanding, even the most gifted individuals can transcend their own boundaries and venture into unexplored dimensions of creativity.

Today, all these passions converge at The Jewelry Icon – an online artistic, aesthetic, informational and educational project and boutique, where each curated piece is a culmination of artistry, collaboration and the untapped potential that exists within us all.

Come for the jewelry, stay for the art, and leave a little more inspired than when you arrived.




We are here to share the unique stories of jewelry artists, brands, collections, one-of-a-kind pieces, exceptional boutiques, as well as to offer a glance into their inspirations and workmanship.

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We love meeting and talking to the real people behind jewelry. Even passionate jewelry enthusiasts often do not know about the specific people behind a certain piece or collection. We are here to tell you their stories.

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We love to show unique jewelry from an exclusive perspective, while highlighting the brand or designer’s aesthetic. Collages, montages, special photo and video shoots, exclusive modelling: we invite you to see jewelry pieces in a new light!

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We collaborate with exceptional visual artists to create a unique visual representation of jewelry. While working closely with jewelry designers and brands, we identify partner artists that would make a suitable design match for the brand, collection or pieces. We then work with the artist to develop collaborative pieces, connecting the art of jewelry with other visual arts.

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We organize unique and elegant events to present exquisite jewelry to an audience that can truly appreciate it. These events offer a wonderful opportunity to meet the creators of unique jewelry, to share with them your passion for the art of jewelry, and to see their pieces in person.

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We work hand in hand with designers and jewelers to create unique artworks: exclusive jewelry pieces created specially for The JI. These unique – in some cases one-of-a-kind – pieces are available for sale both on the designers’ and on The JI’s platforms.

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We support designers and brands by showcasing, promoting and marketing their brand, collection and special pieces.

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Email: jg@thejewelryicon.com
Tel.: +44 7379 171301

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