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DIAMOND RAIN FRINGE EARRINGS Diamond Rain Tatiana Verstraeten
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Before long, tiny, mischievous snowflakes will be falling on your warm face, dripping under the collar of your coat. Look closer, as they slowly turn into magnificent, clear drops of spring rain, and transform into the fresh droplets of powerful summer showers, shimmering in the sun, playing with rainbows, cooling your sun-kissed skin.

The Pearl Rain Fringe Earrings in white, rhodium-plated gold, embellished with diamonds and pearls are exactly that: a mélange of all things delicate and feminine, deliciously fresh and irresistibly attractive.

Rhodium plating is known to increase the luster and light reflection of silver-hued metals; besides, it improves durability and makes them more scratch-resistant, making it a perfect match for this spectacular piece of jewelry. Long, delicate, almost invisible chains, supporting the tiny pearl drops, gently sway with your every move, caress your neck and radiate light like strings of rain caught in the sunlight.

White 18k gold, rhodium-plated, 33 gr; GVS siamonds 15 cts

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