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Hemmerle looks deep into the majestic wonders and the simple things around the world to find inspiration and keep moving forward, rather than solely relying on classic yet stagnant approaches. Instead, they choose to combine classics and modernity, tradition and unorthodox, alternative methods and media.

In the exotic leaf-shaped earrings, Hemmerle uses as inspiration a split-leaf philodendron, a tropical plant originating in the rainforests of Central America.

The earrings are delicate and dainty. Meanwhile, the plant’s glossy, leathery, heart-shaped leaves can grow to an impressive 18 inches (45 centimetres) wide on foot-long stalks. As sweet and pretty as it may look, this plant is dangerous: it contains oxalic acid, making all of its parts – except the ripe fruit – poisonous.

Through the purity of the natural shape, with its clean lines and vivid, attractive greenness, Hemmerle transforms a seductive, poisonous plant into refined earrings. The artistic interpretation of absolute and uncanny natural beauty.

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