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SPRING CARDAMOM BROOCHES Black Label Masterpieces Cindy Chao
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The intricate, ultra-realistic X and XI Spring Cardamom Brooches from the 2022 Black Label Masterpiece collection feature rare oval-shaped cabochon Colombian emeralds, surrounded by yellow and brown diamonds, demantoids, tsavorites, colour-changing garnets, green sapphires and alexandrites.

Together with saffron and vanilla, green cardamom is one of the most expensive spices, requiring a lot of work to grow, produce and handle properly. To retain its unique, strong taste and intensely aromatic fragrance, it is best stored in pods rather than disassembled into individual seeds.

Just like the spice which has inspired these pieces, there is no way that this beauty can be deconstructed into separate elements, metals and stones. Cindy Chao's X and XI Spring Cardamom Brooches are magnificent in their omnifaceted, vivacious and almost unearthly perfection.

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