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Nak Armstrong finds inspiration in nature which he reinterprets, deconstructs and reconstructs in pieces of modern jewelry art. He also explores, invents and perfects his own metalworking and stone-setting techniques to challenge and change the way the gems and metals interact, modify and redefine each other.

Green is the universal color of nature, leaves, meadows, oxygen-producing algae and life, recognizable to any person from any country and any cultural background. In his Mini Pendulum Earrings, in green and chrome tourmalines and blue Peruvian opals, Nak offers the fans of his jewelry many variations of this luscious, upbeat, electric green.

Green tourmalines, 2.96 cts; blue Peruvian opals, 1.92 cts; chrome tourmalines, 1.50 cts; 20k rose gold.

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Florapiega Nak Armstrong
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