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As in all Ilgiz’s creations, the earrings are wearable treasures.

Not once has he emphasised the importance of wearability. In his opinion, all jewels should be as comfortable on a museum shelf as on the person who wears them, not catching on the clothes, nor pulling or scratching the skin.

In these earpieces, implemented in gold, diamonds, fire opals, pearls and hot enamel, the geometrical shapes, accompanying pearl moons, resemble the transparent wings of a fantastic, nocturnal insect, or the stained-glass windows in an Art Deco cathedral.

The smooth pearls of the two full moons and honey drops of fire opals in the ultra-feminine earrings are further proof of the artistic genius of Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, elegantly delighting the eye and delicately firing up the imagination.

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