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CITRUS THEA COLLAR Mermaid's Tale Anabela Chan
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The necklace comes from the Mermaid’s Tale collection, which was inspired by the magic and marvels of the ocean depths.

Characteristic of all Anabela’s jewels is their unique recognizability: each piece is different, yet you can instantly tell who is behind their creation. In her designs, she uses lab-grown gems and recycled metals, focusing on ethical and sustainable materials, techniques and innovations.

For this collection, Anabela opted for waste metals found in the oceans and on polluted beaches, to contribute to the restoration of marine ecosystems. For every creation sold, the Anabela Chan jewelry brand pledges, through Sustainable Surf’s SeaTrees project, to plant one hundred of the mangrove trees that thrive in coastal saline waters, protecting and restoring coastlines and the seas.

The aluminium used in the Citrus Thea Collar, as well as other pieces from the Mermaid’s Tale collection, comes from recycled aluminium soda cans fished out from the ocean and is collected from beaches by eco enthusiasts as well as by Anabela and her own kids.

Recycled aluminium, 18k yellow gold vermeil with laboratory-grown and created gemstones, including orange sapphires, apple tourmalines, green tourmalines, simulated champagne and white diamonds.

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