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Yellow gold double scapular, set with white diamonds and sapphires, adorned with multicolor enamel. This double scapular has a 80 cm yellow gold chain that can be worn in a double loop.

The term "scapular" comes from the Latin word "scapulae," meaning shoulders, as the garment was worn over the shoulders. Since the 16th century, scapulars have been associated with indulgences  remissions of the temporal punishment due to sin. The wearing of a scapular was believed to grant the wearer spiritual benefits and protection from harm.

A symbol of protection and comfort, Marie Lichtenberg's talismanic scapulars are for people of all faiths and backgrounds, carrying whatever meaning the wearer infuses in them.

Looking as much like curious pieces from an antique shop as ultramodern lucky charms, her vibrant, candy-like scapulars feature eyes, magic mushrooms, faraway planets, hearts, rainbows, and aliens.

Playful, joyful, ironic, warm-hearted, funny, lyrical, romantic and magical, full of deep meaning and incredible lightness of being, they can be worn as stand-alone, statement, amuletic pieces, or stacked together with Marie's lockets or with your other favourite chains, pendants and necklaces.

Marie Lichtenberg's creations will become part of your heirloom, to be passed from generation to generation, with the special warmth, wishes and hope for that one-and-only person – child or grandchild, friend or partner – in your life. Just like the first forçat chain, passed to Marie by her mother, and which inspired Marie to become who she is now: an exceptional designer and artist, with a wonderful personality, radiating warmth, freedom and light.

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