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Like two lakes in a freezing Alpine morning, gentle blue aquamarines of more than 70 carats sit between bronze banks.

The carved pebbles, framed on the reverse side by white gold, contrast with the translucent stones – to give these stunning earrings a strong, earthy look, bringing them closer to nature and to a new, ultramodern reality. To achieve this effect, Hemmerle designers went on their own creative hunt along the riverbanks – to find the perfect pebbles to match these precious stones.

This is a reflection of the spirit of Hemmerle, a family-run jewelry house widely recognized for its unique and innovative creations, techniques and concoctions of unexpected materials, alongside impeccable quality and unrivalled craftsmanship.

Named after the clear, bright to dark-blue and sometimes blue-green color of seawater, aquamarines form in pegmatite rocks, carbonate veins and cavities. When magma, which can get as hot as 2,900 °F (1,600 °C), heats the rocks deep underground, minerals start chemically reacting with each other. Later, as the slow cooling process of the magma begins, crystals form within the voids, which can take from tens of thousands to millions of years.

And this is how aquamarines are born. Their hardness makes them suitable both for special occasions and for daily wear. Meanwhile, their cool, transparent, clear blue color makes these Hemmerle earrings perfect for any mood, any garment and all skin tones.

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