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Reflections of light and ethical beauty in the ice cube collection by Marion Cotillard and Chopard

A new high jewelry collection with french flair and high albedo

Have you ever heard of ‘albedo’? It’s a measure of the amount of light reflected by the surface rather than being absorbed by it. Things that appear white reflect most of the light that hits them, hence a high albedo, while dark objects absorb most of the light so their albedo is low.

An important word in my store of knowledge and the way I perceive the world, with all its beauty and deformities, smooth flow and rough edges, light and darkness.

The new capsule ‘Ice Cube’ collection by Marion Cotillard and Chopard is the ultimate manifestation of balance between luxury and consciousness, sublime beauty and the mindful journey towards it.

The French actress and environmental activist – best known for her Oscar-winning role as Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose – was encouraged to create the collection by her long-time friend Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of the Maison. Marion worked on the collection with artistic director Eliott Bliss, while Chopard provided her with Fairmined-certified ethical gold and diamonds, and with technical support by the house’s finest professionals.

Ice reflects light energy back to space, thus protecting the Earth from overheating. This has been an integral part of stabilizing the global climate for millennia. The ‘Ice Cube’ collection reflects a more ethical and sustainable form of luxury, thus raising the bar for future high jewelry collections, designs and technologies.

Inspired by the bulky and powerful shape of the cube, the gorgeous and creative Marion deconstructs classical shapes and points of view to turn them into enigmatic, edgy and always feminine jewels.

Full of energy, radiance and Marion’s inestimable charm, this versatile set, with easily combinable pieces, is suitable for either day or night, Super Bowl or elegant soirée—a relaxed, refreshing and contemporary way to wear diamonds.

The geometric and asymmetric shapes, miniature ice cubes incorporated into the laconic and seductive parure, are composed of a diamond ring and six asymmetric earrings, echoing Nature’s raw, asymmetric yet logical ways. The clip earrings, intended for both non-pierced and pierced ears, can be worn separately or stacked in all sorts of different combinations.

A tribute to timeless beauty, resolute femininity and natural balance, Marion’s and Chopard’s ‘Ice Cube’ collection merges the laws of art with the laws of Nature to create a refined tandem of gold and ice, ethics and diamonds.

A dazzling and modern collection to adorn the quintessential Woman.


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