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Redefining jewelry with Nomis

A high jewelry brand pushes boundaries and invites us all to experiment

Contemporary jewelry has no rules and no limits: it stands for the freedom of adornment and facilitates the metamorphosis of beauty into a powerful statement.

The Nomis brand, created by Alena Kiperman, aims to provide the most luxurious of tools to capture your emotions and transform them into elegant, sincere, offbeat and avant-garde manifests.

Rings which can be turned into earcuffs, distinctive earovals (yes, it is a thing!) and earclips, tribal and punkish earpins which in the blink of an eye become pendants, unisex necklaces can be worn separately as statement pieces, or mixed together in phantasmagoric, luxurious and provocative combinations.

Nomis jewelry is made in 18ct gold and lab-grown stones. Due to their unique qualities, man-made diamonds, emeralds and sapphires have long been used outside the jewelry industry, including high tech, bringing the future closer to us.

The jewelry of the future must keep up with the times.

Nomis has been created for people with a heightened sense of freedom. Cool and edgy, emphatic and elegant, this mind-blowing, experimental and multifunctional jewelry is easy to wear, fits any style and and any time of the day.

Experiment and express yourself, create your own fantasy and reality with the Nomis jewelry!


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