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A universe within your reach: the Surround collection by Fernando Jorge

Stars and space clouds in dreamy Astro and Nebula earrings

David Bowman had time for just one broken sentence which the waiting men in Mission Control, nine hundred million miles away and eighty minutes in the future, were never to forget:

‘The thing’s hollow – it goes on forever – and – oh my God! – it’s full of stars!’

Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey

Full of stars: the perfect depiction of Fernando Jorge's Surround Collection.

A mesmerizing juxtaposition of brilliant-cut diamonds with custom-cut petrified wood, horns, mother of pearl, moonstones, pink opals, morganites, tourmalines, chrysoprasi, serpentines, nephrite jade, milky aquamarines, carnelians, jasper, lapis lazuli, chalcedony, and labradorite, emanating warmth and celebrating natural beauty.

Feminine, sensual and sculptural, the Nebula Earrings from the Surround collection, in white gold, diamonds, and moonstones, tell the story of a multitude of constellations: from ancient times   to modern days, from the genesis   to this final, refined design.

The Astro earrings from the same collection come in several variations: rose gold, diamonds, pink opals, and morganites; yellow gold, white and brown diamonds, and petrified wood; or yellow gold, diamonds, paraiba tourmalines, and chrysoprasi. The soft, pastel shades of the stones, combined with the subtle, unobtrusive golden setting, create an illusion of tiny smooth circles magically clutching each other with an invisible force, not yet known to science.


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