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Fernando jorge’s earrings: beauty in everything and everyone

The airy, sculptural, hypnotic creation—like a pendulum, which will always return to equilibrium, however dramatic the displacement

What we see is a beautiful oriental woman wearing beautiful jewels. She wants to be gorgeous, she wants to be happy, she wants to be wanted.

The somewhat uneasy look in her eyes is wondering what happens next, but the aura of the painting is serenelike the rhythmical ticking of a metronome, which looks so much like the Rocket earrings, in gold, jade, tourmaline and white diamonds, by a gloriously Brazilian designer Fernando Jorge.

The harmony of the delicate design, the inherent movement and intimate energy, the contemporary aesthetics, the magnetic elegance of these infinity circles turn them into a sensual, asymmetrical yet perfectly balanced pendulum.

Beauty is everywhere, and this realization is soul-healing.


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