Mi piace sperimentare diverse combinazioni di colori ed esplorare come possano evocare diverse emozioni e stati d'animo. I colori hanno un linguaggio proprio e possono comunicare sensazioni e emozioni senza la necessità di parole. (I like to experiment with different color combinations and explore how they can evoke different emotions and moods. Colors have a language of their own and can communicate feelings and sensations without the need for words.)

Fabio Salini in an interview to Vogue Italia

Fabio Salini's Rainbow Necklace is an aesthetic and juicy eruption of colors. From delicate greens to water-clear blues, from gentle pinks to deep purples, from masculine colds to feminine warms: this necklace has it all.

An alluring blend of semi-precious stones, combined with a strong, rough carbon fibre base, plays together in a vivid and confident dance, choreographed to reflect the wearer's mood.

This standout piece is a testimonial to Fabio Salini's bold approach to jewelry design.

Born in Rome in 1973, he started his creative path as an architect, but his passion led him to become a jewelry designer. Salini’s avant-garde approach challenges the idea that jewelry is simply a status symbol: for him, it is an intimate and personal object that connects the wearer to their memories and emotions.

I miei gioielli non sono per chi vuole solo ostentare la propria ricchezza, ma per chi cerca qualcosa di speciale e significativo, un pezzo a cui possa legarsi e che possa diventare parte della sua storia personale. (My jewelry is not for those who just want to show off their wealth, but for those who are looking for something special and meaningful, a piece that they can connect with and that can become a part of their personal story.)

Fabio Salini in an interview to Forbes Italia

Fabio Salini derives inspiration from contemporary art and architecture, nature, music, dance, even food. His designs, born through the combination of traditional techniques and modern materials, are characterized by architectural and geometric elements.

While brewing the perfect and unique piece, Salini selects ingredients based on their aesthetic and emotional – rather than monetary – value, taking inspiration from colors, textures, symbolism and cultural meaning. He often incorporates unconventional materials, natural objects such as horns, eggs, bamboo, leaves, and non-precious, industrial components such as copper thread, stainless steel, and carbon fiber, to add a touch of uniqueness and mystique to his designs, and for each piece to have its own story.

Salini’s intricate and innovative creations, a concoction of modernity and tradition, have garnered critical acclaim and have been exhibited in various galleries and museums, including the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo.

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