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A modern fairytale by Aisha Baker and Hoonik Chang

What if you were gifted a present so beautiful you hold your breath while unwrapping it?

So delicate you dare not blink while watching its allure unfold. So tempting you want to see it again the very moment you’ve looked away.

The ‘Cadeau’ series by the expert jewelry duet Aisha Baker and Hoonik Chang is a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition marvel, a Present to a modern woman, accomplished and realistic yet still enchanted by the magic lingering in the world.

The fairytales are anything but forgotten. Reinvented by the artistic duo through precious and peculiar materials, imaginative and eccentric designs, perfect asymmetry and advanced techniques, they take a physical form of colorful, delicious, exuberant and happy pieces. Red, pink, yellow, blue, gold and white, little crowns, hearts, lips and stars—the castles, clear skies, princesses, romantic stories we were told as kids, still alive at the back of our minds.

The ribbons of the Cadeau Pink earrings, a ‘present’ in yellow gold, enamel, diamonds and lemon quartz, wrap around the sublime fantasies hovering in the air, swinging to the gentle footsteps of a modern woman, open to the beauty and art of enchantment.


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