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Octagons of sparkling color: vendôme liseré rings by Boucheron

Direct from the historical parisian square to these monumental rings

It was exactly here, at Place Vendôme, where visionary jeweler Frédéric Boucheron invented his revolutionary “point d’interrogation” (question mark) necklace.

The traditions of the Maison continue to be refined and reinvented by contemporary professionals – the masterful artists, designers, stonecutters and metalsmiths of Boucheron.

The emerald-cut green tourmaline and aquamarine, signature black trimming and the surrounding diamonds repeat the octagonal shape and architectural concept of Place Vendôme as seen from above: the noble Parisian square, surrounded by dark roofs, with its fine lacing of light-colored roof windows.

These rings, from the Vendôme Liseré fine jewelry collection, are the reimagined artistic reflections of Boucheron’s architectural codes, with their correct forms, proportions and majestic structures.

Liseré roughly translates as “trim” or “finishing” from the French and yet, there is nothing rough about these monumental rings, in which clear, transparent stones and strict shapes lay the foundation for timeless classics.

The swift movement of draped clothing, the soft and strong posture of the woman painted by Lolita Pelegrime, create an amazing symbiosis with the solid rings in pastel hues, which would pair equally well with an elegant suit, evening gown or playful, casual t-shirt and jeans combination.

Fun fact

There are over 150 arcades in the 28 opulent townhouses surrounding Place Vendôme, each topped by a mascaron.

A mascaron is a human (sometimes bestial, frightening or chimeric) face placed above the entrance to a building, originally meant to scare away evil spirits, which later became purely decorative.

All the mascarons at Place Vendôme were created by one sculptor, yet each one is different from the others.

But do you think you could spot even the tiniest difference in the perfect diamonds surrounding the majestic, vibrant gems on these Boucheron Liseré rings?!


Painting by Lolita Pelegrime.


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