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Living the high life

Smoking weed is now so on trend you can find marijuana motifs in high jewelry, but I remain a stubborn cbd enthusiast…

Marijuana is now very on trend with creative types — all the taboos that once surrounded it have vanished like (pot!) smoke.
However, I remain a hemp girl and I’m not interested in drugs in any shape or form. But this doesn’t mean I don’t understand why marijuana motifs have found their way into the high jewelry: the plant’s leaves are just beautiful, and that green hue can look amazing.

Being a wellness freak means I am duly fascinated by CBD, the compound which is found in hemp, and which has many widely reported health properties including an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect on the nerves and muscles. This marvelous thing is not most definitely not to be confused with THC, the compound found in cannabis!

Thanks to great companies such as Hempen, which makes its seed and moisturising oils from organic hemp, there are now some great creams, patches and even edible products on the market. 

In other words, there are plenty of alternative ways to achieve that thing called tranquillity of the mind!

To add on, the green hue of the cannabis sativa plant can look pretty amazing in a piece of jewelry. 

Check out these great jewelry and beauty products available online:


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