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From the catwalk to the ear: Couture Dior earrings

A string of diamonds soaring in the air. The gentle swaying of luxury fabric. In Dior’s refined collection, it’s all about silhouettes and movement.

Paying tribute to Christian Dior – the legendary couturier with an architect’s eye, known for the geometric silhouettes and clean lines of his creations – Victoire de Castellane, creative director of Dior Joaillerie, has concocted Couture Dior: a capsule collection inspired by the brand’s iconic suits and dresses.

In her revolutionary approach, Victoire plays with the jewelry as if it were a piece of luxurious fabric, a fancy lace, a silky string, recreating their motion, tactile feel, visual charm and architectural silhouettes in white gold and diamonds.

The climber earrings, which are meant to be worn separately in one ear, were inspired by ribbons of Dior’s ‘Diorama’ dress, presented to the fashionista world in 1951.

Looking like little dancing dresses, these coquettish earrings were inspired by the ‘Bar’ suit, presented at the 1947 haute couture show: an off-white silk jacket, padded at the hips and accentuating the wasp waist, and a pleated black wool skirt – for a style that’s curvy and ultra-feminine.

The elegant movement is made to look free and easy by the creative genius of Victoire de Castellane and the skill of Dior’s jewellers.

Swaying, twirling and waltzing, these light and gracious earrings are a perfect fit for ears that can hear beauty.


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